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The Treatment is a Great Pick-Me-Up
"Since having light therapy my face looks brighter, fresher, smoother and generally more radiant. The treatment is a great pick-me-up"
Haxel Potts

My Skin Feels Alive and Looks Healthier
"I found the Omnilux treatment
gave a smooth finish to my blemish prone
skin. My skin feels alive and looks
healthier, softer and deeply hydrated."



How Omnilux Light Therapy Works
And What it Will Do For You

Omnilux Light TherapyOmnilux Light Therapy from Birmingham in the UK. Our Omnilux Revive machine is now ready to revive your skin the way ONLY red light can do, delivering a totally natural method of light-only skin rejuvenation that works with the body's own natural processes to counteract the effects of ageing.

Recently, after years of research, science discovered the amazing effect that RED LIGHT has on the skin. In fact, it has been PROVEN to reduce
Fine lines

As well as stimulate the body’s own production of collagen. Imagine that... having skin that looks and feels
plumped and taut, without even going near a needle or suffering the after-effects that artificially-injected collagen can cause!

How Omnilux Light Therapy Works
1. The light affects a group of cells called mast cells at a cellular level. The light causes these cells to release other cellular products. These products have the effect of dilating (or opening up) skin capillary blood vessels. The dilation of these blood vessels leads to an increase in blood flow. An increase in blood flow carries more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

2. Cellular products released from mast cells also has an effect of strengthening supporting networks. Imagine collagen as a rope. As collagen ages the (rope) begins to unfurl and weakens as a supporting structure. Cellular products released through the action of the light form a supportive structure within collagen, thus providing a supporting matrix. Furthermore they promote the rehydration of the skin and supportive mechanisms.

Omnilux light therapy is a non-invasive with no recovery time and because the light does not generate heat it will not burn your skin.

Omnilux Light Therapy harnesses the power of light therapy, the origins of which stem back to ancient times. The Greeks first recorded the healing properties of light in 1500BC, when they suggested that exposure to light (heliotherapy) was essential for the restoration of health.

We are all influenced by the power of light.
• Think about how you feel on a warm sunny day;
• Think about the first warm days of the summer compared to those cold, dark nights and bleak, short days of winter.

The benefits of light on the human body and mind have long been recognised in the medical arena. Years of research at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research led to the production of a pure red light source that, when combined with a cream, would kill certain types of skin cancer cells.

During this work scientists observed that the light on its own had a stimulating effect on cell and tissue regeneration which greatly improved the appearance of the skin. This observation has led to the development of Omnilux.

Omnilux Light Therapy delivers pure, non-laser, narrow-band red light which is better than daylight because there is no harmful UV and Infrared output.

Before and After of Course of Omnilux Miracle Light Therapy Course

6 Amazing Benefits of
Omnilux Light Therapy

Benefit #1:
After your Omnilux Miracle Light treatment, your skin will feel ‘plumped up’

Benefit #2:
Your makeup will go on better because your treatment has given it a better ‘canvas’

Benefit #3:
If you have uneven pigmentation, this will improve after a miracle light treatment course with Omnilux, leaving your skin smooth and blemish-free

Benefit #4:
You will notice an immediate improvement in skin tone and texture

Benefit #5:
Your skin will feel naturally hydrated and toned

Benefit #6:
You will feel no after-effects whatsoever.

Below shows you the amazing results you can achieve with omnilux light therapy. These images are from using the omnilux only (that means no eye creams or skin creams used) over a twelve week course.

Baseline - original skin

Week 6 -Wrinkles Improving

Week 9 - Plumping Out the Skin

week 12 - Smoother, Hydrated

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Infact some of our clients even want to have a beauty treatment done while they are here (such as eyebrow waxing or pedicure), if you would like to know what else we can offer you, visit our beauty salon adelaide site.

To see the available courses and what is the best solution for you check out our miracle light treatment packages. With each sessions you are plumping and firming you skin and increasing the hydration levels - you will be left with smoother, brighter, glowing skin.

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