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"This is my first treatment and my skin looks and feels plumper, hydrated and fresh. The fine lines around my eyes look better after one treatment and it's so relaxing - I cannot wait for my next treatment."
Sheralee M, Blackwood



Red Light Therapy

Your Miracle Light Treatment Questions Answered

What's how does light therapy (the miracle light) work?
omnilux light therapyOmnilux Light Therapy uses LED (light emitting diodes) to dispense a precise waveband of red light used to rejuvenate the skin cells, increase collagen production, and stimulate circulation. Unlike lasers and IPL machines (which damage the skin and force it to repair), Omnilux nurtures the cells and encourages your body’s natural processes to counter act the signs of ageing. It minimises visible lines and wrinkles and plumps and hydrates your skin.

Omnillux Light Therapy targets specific cells which are
responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skin’s supportive structures, leading to a softening of fine lines and improved skin tone.

This treatment is beneficial and effective for both men and women of most ages and skin types. Initial results include a clearer, brighter and smoother complexion. After a course of treatments, you will begin to notice an improvement in skin tone, clarity and texture.

How long does one session take?
We allow 30 minutes for your miracle light therapy treatment, to allow us to prepare your skin for maximum penetration of the light. You will be under the light for twenty minutes at a time.

How many treatments do I need?
omnilux light therapyOmnilux light therapy can be administered as a single ‘pick-me-up’ facial (great for an important event or someone special to impress), or you can experience a course of treatments for amazing plumping, longer, lasting results. Add a professional skin care routine for you to use at home and your skin has the best chance it has to look real good, real quick. We generally recommend a course of twelve treatments (twice a week for six weeks) and then depending on your skin, weekly to monthly to top up (as everybody's skin fitness is different).

Best of all the Miracle Light recharges your skin cells, which is why your skin looks so bouncy and plump after each treatment - it's full of the good stuff! You will also find anti-wrinkle injections or any fillers you have will last longer!

Why Omnilux Light Therapy?
Omnilux utilises NASA developed technology,
with scientific backing worldwide.

Is there any downtime, like with laser?
omnilux-machine-adelaideOmnilux Light Therapy is great for your skin, becuase it is not a laser light it doesn’t damage the skin in any way, there is no down time. You will actually notice positive results immediately. It also may improve your mood, making you feel good (by increasing your serotonin levels) and may help to reduce headaches.

Is there anyone the Omnilux is not suitable for?
Light Therapy is not suitable for people with epilepsy or porphyria, or any photo sensitive skin condition. Pregnant or breast feeding women are also not able to have the treatment.

How long do results last?
Results vary from person to person but after a course of treatments you will see an overall improvement to skin tone, clarity and a softening of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin continues to improve for 3-6 months after a course of treatments. Maintenance visits may be recommended.

Omnilux Miracle L ight Therapy Has Many Benefits -
· Anti-ageing, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation

· Anti-inflammatory, wound healing

· Suitable for mild to moderate inflammatory acne to reduce scarring

· Accelerate recovery for post-operative procedures

· Helps to BOOST collagen production

· Improve skin tone and texture

· Encourage lasting hydration in the skin

· Prolong the effects of anti-wrinkle injections and other dermal fillers

· Suitable for most areas of the body

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