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Fine Lines Around My Eyes Are Much Better
"My skin is more firmer, plumper and active. The fine lines around my eyes are much better and it has taken the inflammtion out of my breakouts. I have a more glowing complexion. I can't wait for my next treatment. There is no damage to my skin and I can wear my make up straight away and my skin is more hydrated"

Hallett Cove



About Red Light Therapy Available at
Reflections in Adelaide

Wouldn't You Like To Improve Your Skin WIth Light Therapy?Light Therapy Adelaide is a site for Reflection Skin and Body Care. We are the most popular provider of omnilux red light therapy in Beauty Salons in Adelaide and we are pleased to provide red light therapy services to you in the comfort of our salon, with no pain, no discomfort with fantastic anti-ageing results.

Our Omnilux Red Light Therapy Gives You Great Results - it is that simple. Get it done quickly, and get results that last.

For more information go to our How Light Therapy Works.

Are you ready to get your red light therapy treatment yet? Go to our Free Omnilux Red Light Therapy Page.

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