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My Skin is so Plump and FEELS ALIVE!
"Plumper and Firmer. My skin is so plump and feels alive! I definitely felt that "feel good" factor and my skin has more hydration"

Kimberly P,
Seacombe Gardens

Fine Lines Around My Eyes Are Much Better
"My skin is more firmer, plumper and active. The fine lines around my eyes are much better and it has taken the inflammtion out of my breakouts. I have a more glowing complexion. I can't wait for my next treatment. There is no damage to my skin and I can wear my make up straight away and my skin is more hydrated"

Hallett Cove




Welcome to our Miracle Light Therapy Adelaide Website!

How Would You Like to
REDUCE WRINKLES and Get A More FIRMER, PLUMPER, DEWIER, SMOOTHER and BRIGHTER, Complexion Without Injectables and
Without Any Pain?

The Amazing “Repair and Rejuvenate” Miracle Light Therapy Treatment

How would you like to reduce the wrinkles around your eyes decreasing their size and quantity, decreasing any fine lines, get an overall brightening to your skin, more even toned and smoother texture to your skin, and get a more Plumper and Firmer appearance?

It’s all possible thanks to the new anti-ageing light therapy technology that bathes your skin in pure red and near infrared light.

This soothing and warming wave length of red light delivers phototherapy to your skin that penetrates deep into the dermis of your skin, working on the cellular level.

You Will Get Deep Rejuvenation and Deep Hydration, With Each Miracle Light Treatment

What this pure light does is get into the deeper layers of your skin that your therapist can’t. It’s like a facial for the deep, deep layers of your face (6mm under the surface of the skin). What all this really means is that your skin looks younger, more hydrated, healthier and plumped up, giving you results that a skincare regimen simply cannot.

Wouldn't You Like to Improve Your Skin in
Twenty Minutes?

"Take Our Word for it 20 minutes under the lamp will leave you feeling more relaxed than a summer vacation and Your skin looks Instantly Better for it".
Shop Till You Drop Editor

So What is So Good About Our Light Therapy System?

  • It is a Quick and Convenient Treatment with Rapid Results
  • Instantly Improves the Hydration of Your Skin
  • There is No Damage to Your Skin or No Pain
  • Great Value For Money - Check Out Our Unbelieveable Light Therapy Adelaide Packages
  • Get a More Lifted, Toned and Tightened Apperance to Your Skin - Infact Just Lie Back and Relax in The Comfort of Our Salon!
  • We Use Omnilux Light Therapy Infrared and Red Light Technology That Gives You Amazing Results - Without Any Pain
  • Lie Back and Relax in Peace For Thirty Minutes in the Comfort of Our Salon

But Don't Take Our Word For it Here is What People Are Saying Already About Their Light Therapy Adelaide Experience

My Skin is so Plump and FEELS ALIVE!

"Plumper and Firmer. My skin is so plump and feels alive! I definitely felt that "feel good" factor and my skin has more hydration"
Kimberly P, Seacombe Gardens

My Skin Looks and Feels Plumper, Hydrated and Fresh

"This is my first treatment and my skin looks and feels plumper, hydrated and fresh. The fine lines around my eyes look better after one treatment and it's so relaxing - I cannot wait for my next treatment."
Sheralee M, Blackwood

If you have never experienced light therapy, you are seriously missing out on instantly improving your appearance, like never before. But this is not the only reason why you should try our miracle light treatment. We have compiled a list of why you should go ahead and take the plunge and improve your skin's condition.

9 Reasons Why You Should Have Omnilux Light Therapy:

  1. Fantastic for Anti-Ageing, (Lines and Wrinkles) - enough said :)
  2. Improves Your Skin's Texture and Refreshes and Heals Your Skin
  3. Rebuilds New Youthful Collagen - HePushing Up Your Facial Contours, Pulling Up Eyelids That Are Redundant and Pushes Up Your Lines!
  4. Gives Your Skin Deep Rejuvenation - 6mm deep into Your Skin
  5. Locks in Moisture - Giving you that "Hollywood Look", Healthy, Dewy and Hydrated Skin
  6. Great for Enlarged Pores, Pigmentation, Sun Damaged and Dry Skin
  7. Great for Detoxing Your Skin and Improving Congestion
  8. Incredibly Relaxing - Just Lie Back and Relax While Your Skin is Transformed From the Inside Out!
  9. Texture on Your Skin is Finer and Smoother - The difference in Your Skin is Amazing

    Minimise Your Wrinkles in the Most Relaxing Way - With
    No Heat! No Pain! No Laser!
    Just Soothing Pure Red Light

If you want beautiful, younger skin right now we can help get you started. You can get your light therapy treatment today - Don't Delay. Just click on the link below

Click Here to Make Your Miracle Light Therapy Adelaide Booking!

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